At three months old, the four male wolf pups now weigh between 16-19kg, and the female weighs 15kg. They are fully grown around six months old, so they are already halfway there! The pups along with the rest of the pack consume meat and bones that are fed to them by their Keepers 2-3 times a day. The whole group is given 14kg of meat every day.

Of the six pups, the boys tend to be more assertive and the boldest is the largest male pup who you can visually tell by his round fluffy face. The smallest of the pups (a girl) stands back a bit from the rest, you can see her on the rock in the video below. The pack now regularly disperses, and their favourite spots are under the trees that you can view from the bridge, and on the wooden platform on the south side of the habitat that faces Caribou.