People who go to animal shelters to find a friend often miss out on getting to know each of the dogs. But a photographer Rachael Rodgers from Canada is changing that with beautiful ‘ads’ for shelter dogs.

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“A great adoption photo is a golden ticket to the perfect home,” says Rachael. Her love for dogs and eagerness to help them motivated her to begin volunteering at the local animal shelter. She decided to take dogs, drive them to a beautiful location and take heartwarming pictures. The photographer highlights not only the physical features of each dog, she takes time to get to know them and describes they personalities vividly.

Her photos make a big difference in these dogs’ lives. Many of them already found homes with Rachels help and many more are still waiting for their soulmates Rachel takes donations to help her continue this important work, you can help her here.

Scroll below to see the beautiful photos of lovely shelter dogs!

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