Need a reason to justify that next cup of coffee? Look no further.

A new line of coffee called “Drink Coffee. Feed Dogs.” makes a striking promise: Every single cup you drink provides a meal for shelter dog.

Teaming up with charity partners and RescueBank, iHeartDogs donates a full 25 meals to animal shelters with each bag sold, corresponding to one meal per cup of coffee (it’s a 12 oz. bag of beans).

And if you think this is all marketing just to sell a mediocre cup of joe, think again. We’re talking single-origin, Colombian Supremo beans.

I would describe the taste as very balanced and smooth. The roast is not too light, and not too dark or burnt tasting. On the bag the tasting notes describes the flavor as “smooth chocolate, caramel, and red berries.” I personally can’t taste these flavors, but it’s still one fantastic cup of coffee.

And knowing I am playing a small part in helping shelter dogs? Even better tasting!

Currently, the coffee is only sold on iHeartDogs, but it may be available in select coffee shops soon.

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