100 Denver Dogs Close Out Pool Season With A Splash

Advertisement The Parks and Recreation Department of Denver, Colorado closed out the city’s pool season this weekend with more than 100 water-loving pups! The fourth annual “Dog-A-Pool-Ooza” event welcomed pawrents to bring their fur kids for an end-of-summer splash at Cook Park pool before it is drained, cleaned and winterized. “It’s a fun way to cap off the whole summer and really just kind of end on a bang,” recreation director Leslie Pickard told Fox 31. “We know Denver loves its dogs, so we’re really just trying to get people out, and get them…continue reading →

Dog Swims 5 Miles To Safety After Jumping Off A Boat To Chase Ducks

Advertisement On the evening of July 16, Scott Crewell and his Siberian Husky, Rosie hopped in their boat for a late night cruise on New York’s Great Sacandaga Lake. Rosie was wearing her life vest, but Crewell made the fateful decision to take it off to air-dry as they headed back to shore. It was then that the chase-obsessed pooch heard the quacking of ducks and dove overboard in pursuit. Crewell quickly lost sight of Rosie in the darkness. “I started moving with the boat, listening for the ducks,” he told ABC NEWS 10.…continue reading →