The Best Dog Dental Hygiene Hack Your Pup Will Love

Maintaining dental heath is one of the most important things we can do for our furry friends. Unfortunately, at-home oral care can be invasive and uncomfortable for some dogs, leaving well-intentioned pawrents clambering for an effective solution. Dental issues are frighteningly common, with the majority of dogs over three years of age already showing signs of periodontal disease. According to the American Veterinary Dental Association (AVDA), many owners do not pick up on these symptoms until their dogs are already suffering with inflamed gums, painful infections, even damage to their internal organs. Dog dental…continue reading →

Your Dog Will Love This Chewy Treat… And You’ll Love Its Health Benefits!

Advertisement Not every dog is willing to sit patiently while a human rubs strange things against their teeth. Brushing a dog’s teeth can feel like an impossible task, but keeping cavities away doesn’t have to be a losing battle. There’s no substitute for a good brushing, but a specialized dental treat can fight plaque on a daily basis—and the best part is, there’s no brush or toothpaste involved. There are plenty of products out there to choose from, but you need something that both you and your dog will love. If the treat…continue reading →