Julia Christe is a German photographer specializing in photographing pets. One of her most recent works is a funny series in which the dogs are “flying”.

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The project began when the photographer decided she would like to capture pictures of her favorite animals from a new perspective.  “Not every dog was born to fly, but some have a great talent and they are practically shooting stars. A few dogs had fun so much that we were able to repeat the jumps. The expressions on their faces mainly reflect the surprise of the first flight and, in most cases, the first jump gave the best pictures.”

To achieve this, Julia used a mattress on the floor, where the dogs jump – being photographed exactly when they are in the air. The photographer made a whole scheme of security so that her models would not end up hurting themselves. 

The result turned out to be an interesting one, showing the startled and excited expressions of dogs of various breeds.

More info: juliachriste.de

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