These amazing people never gave up on their animals! For more information or to follow up on the stories see the description below!

Paralyzed Frenchie Is Still A Total Goofball
For more of this special pup Ivy, check her out on Instagram:

Baby Donkey Falls Asleep When His Dad Sings A Lullaby
For more of Riley the donkey, visit:

Foster Pup Gets Lost And Finds Her Forever Home
For more of adorable Misty, you can check her out on Facebook:

Dog Assures His Mom Everything’s Going To Be Just Fine
For more of Biscuit partying his way through life, you can check him out on Instagram:

This Pig’s Parents Love Her Unconditionally
For more of Jojo the wheelchair pig, you can check her out on Facebook: Special thanks to Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary:

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