These orphaned baby orangutans are loving forest school! Scroll around to see everything they’re learning in this 360 video!

Orangutan Foundation International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of orangutans and their tropical rainforest habitat. Covering less than 2% of the Earth’s surface area, the world’s rainforests are home to 50% of the Earth’s plants and animals! But as the rainforest is destroyed due to intense logging and conversion to palm oil plantations, animals like orangutans are threatened with extinction.

OFI established the Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine to rescue and care for orphaned orangutans. Once rescued, orangutans need medical, parental and emotional care before they can be successfully released into the wild. OFI prepares them with ample forest experience, starting at the Infant Playground and eventually graduating to the Learning Forest, completing a critical part of their rehabilitation process as they learn to live and survive in the wild.

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