Occurred on August 30, 2018 / Portland, Victoria, Australia

“I entered the Pharmacy and saw a koala in the store. I thought that this is ‘cute’ so I took a pic of him. He was then promptly shooed out of the store by a store assistant. Upon turning around from one of the display shelves, I saw the koala trying once more to enter the store. So this time I filmed his determined efforts to try and bypass customers until his attempts were once more blocked and he was ushered out of the store into the rear Supermarket car park.
The third time, I heard a commotion from the customers and turned around and once more, I saw this little fellow doing all he could to get through the store out onto the front street. He did manage to get right through the store to the front entrance. He was however detained by the Pharmacy girls once more, right at the front window display, very close to the front entrance, where there is usually lots of street traffic.
Thank goodness they were able to place a large box over him, to secure him and protect him from harm until Wildlife offers were able to collect him and take him out the nearby bushlands. I’m not sure if it was a male or a female koala, but I know that I myself, customers and staff certainly had an interesting time with this cute little furball.”

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