Occurred on August 5, 2018 / Mudgeeraba, Queensland, Australia

“I first found the python sitting on top of the garage door in my home. I didn’t have a remote so had to get on ladder and push the button. When I was up there I saw a snake body and followed it until I saw his head only 2 feet away from mine looking straight at me. I got a pretty big fright and jumped off the ladder. I had to open the garage door and he wouldn’t move so I called the old man to come help move him. We had to pull him off of the rafters and put him in a sack and drove him a few miles away and put him in the bush. 3 weeks later he had returned. I felt that after that he must really like it in the shed so I decided to see how he goes as a flat mate. 6 months later he was given the name Dirk Diggler and has grown quite a bit and comes out and sits on rafters above me when I’m working in the shed and watches what I’m doing. Dirk has grown to about 9 feet now when he is all stretched out and not flexing his muscles and should get to around 15 feet.”

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