Every devoted pup parent cares about what they feed their dog, but are you willing to take that commitment to the next level? A dog food brand specializing in home-cooked meals is looking for the “ultimate dog lover” for a special job. They say their dog food is good enough for humans, and they’re prepared to prove it. All they need is a dog person willing to serve as taste tester.

Starting the week strong with a bowl of Butternut Beef Recipe, does it get any better? 😋 Did you know that Beef is…

Posted by Butternut Box on Monday, September 3, 2018

Butternut Box isn’t your average dog food manufacturer. Instead of crunchy balls of kibble, the London-based company serves up nutritious home-made meals made from fresh ingredients. With no preservatives, grains, or mystery meats, they prove their meals are healthier than the normal dry dog food. Now they want to go a step further. They want to prove once and for all that not only are their meals healthy, but they’re also delicious. Dogs seem to gobble down Butternut Box dinners without complaint, but what do humans have to say?

According to the job listing, Butternut Box employees believe in their product so much, they personally taste test each recipe. Their marketing managers claim the dog food is good enough for both man and man’s best friend, and now they’re ready to put their money where their forks go. They’re going to pay someone to eat their food and write an honest review judging the meal’s ingredient quality, texture, and taste.

“The look of love… is in, your eyes…” Any ideas what Winston is thinking? We have a few ideas… “I’d like the Butternut” “feed me the meals” “Where is my dinner?” – you get the idea… 😉🐶

Posted by Butternut Box on Sunday, September 16, 2018

The unique gig pays £600 and comes with other perks besides cash. The Butternut Box official human taste tester will be named Top Dog, get to spend the day with cute pups at the company’s headquarters, and go home with a bag full of dog-friendly goodies. Not everyone will be cut out to taste test dog food, but it’s the perfect job for a food-loving dog person.

All you have to do to get the job is tell Butternut Box exactly why you’re right for the gig. They’re calling all young pups and old dogs to apply, and so far, dozens of people are interested. They’re accepting offers until October 6. Do you have what it takes?

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