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Watch Brisbane Snake Catcher Janne Torkkola with this hungry carpet python. More on http://www.snakeoutbrisbane.com.au

Who’s hungry? This little carpet python certainly! A mid-morning callout became a several hour filming session when our client discovered she’d lost one of her smallest bantams to a relatively young coastal carpet python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli). While it’s always a shame to loose a pet, it was great to see that rather than letting sadness, fear, or anger rule their judgement our client and her young daughter (even a friendly neighbour!) embraced the situation as a great educational opportunity for everyone and a rare chance to see nature in action, up-close, with the added joy for us of meeting some great folks and some lovely dogs! This marathon, jaw-stretching meal took over two and a half hours to swallow, requiring a lot of effort from our little snake. An awesome sight! PS there is a lot more footage, A LOT, so I apologize for the shakiness and the chop/paste editing. Enjoy! 🙂