Volunteers from Jaguar Rescue Center in Costa Rica played recordings of displaced baby’s cries over handheld speaker to locate brown-throated three-toed sloth mother.
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This baby three-toed sloth was found crying on a Costa Rica beach, separated from its mother. A tourist brought the tiny animal to the Jaguar Rescue Center, and a team searched for the mother… with no success.

The rescuers then got crafty—they recorded the sounds of the baby’s cries, and played back the sounds over a handheld speaker. Finally, a female sloth emerged from a tree canopy in response to the recorded cries.

The infant was lifted up to the female, and the apparent mother used her keen sense of smell to identify her baby.While the two sloths began to slowly nuzzle, Jaguar Rescue Center onlookers celebrated the reunion.

While brown-throated three-toed sloths are not an endangered species, they do face human-created dangers, including loss of forest habitat and electrocution on power lines. This soup can-size baby now stands a chance at survival in its mother’s protective embrace.

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Baby Sloth and Mom Reunited Using Audio Recording | Nat Geo Wild

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