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Pit Bulls are very eager to please people, very athletic, super loyal and great with children. But some people think they are the most dangerous dog. WATCH this video to find out.

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Video credits:
00:08 Christion Sadler – Ninja’s New Friend –
00:39 Christion Sadler – Toddler trains pit bull -5 –
01:11 Christion Sadler – Toddler trains pitbull –
03:06 Christion Sadler – ninja dog climbs trees –
04:20 Anthony Wayne -pitbull puppies guilt. –
05:02 iheart pitbulls – guilty pitbull –
05:59 Sarah Robertson – Sleepy Pitbul!! –
06:29 iheart pitbulls – Daisy the Pitbull Hates Baths –
06:44 Christion Sadler – 13 pit bull commands in one minute –
07:45 Sarah Robertson – Funny Talking Pit Bull –
09:10 §paethon – Pit Bull Guilty Dog in Trouble — That sad adorable face! –

Are Pitbulls Dangerous Dogs? WATCH This To Find Out! –

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